In-Ground Pools


In-ground swimming pools offer appealing landscapes and often help to raise property values.

  • Our in-ground swimming pools feature steel wall or polymer wall with a vinyl liner.
  • They provide great circulation using only Hayward equipment including 2 main drains, 5 returns and 2 skimmers.
  • All lines are dedicated directly back to the filter with no t’s used in the process.
  • Vermiculite/Portland cement bottoms provide easy-to-customize designs and long-lasting support

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Above Ground Pools


Above ground pools provide an affordable
alternative to in-ground pool designs. Animals and small children find it much more difficult to gain access, and keeping grass clippings and debris out of pool is much easier.

  • Paradise Pool and Spa offers round or oval shape pools in two choice of sizes: 52 or 54 inch.
  • We install Radiant above ground systems with option for partial or total backfill.
  • Our pool packages include all Hayward equipment.
  • Paradise Pool and Spa handles all installations with no sub-contracting.

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Pool Maintenance


Quality supplies and parts help to clean and protect your investment. You’ll find these essentials in our showroom:Our extensive parts department features Hayward parts

  • We offer special orders for any part not in stock.
  • Our toy department is the largest in the area.
  • We carry large selection of pool chemicals: Omni, Baquacil, EZ Pool, Sustain and Pool Season.



Pellet stoves warm your home or office with easy-to-operate and smoke-free, safe heat. Wood-burning stoves provide affordable heating alternatives to propane, heating oil and electricity.We carry Enviro pellet stoves and wood-burning stoves.

  • Choose from inserts or free-standing stoves.
  • We also sell New England Premium wood pellets.
  • Home or office delivery of wood pellets available for an additional charge.

Hot Tubs


Besides the sheer enjoyment of hot spa bubbles, hot tubs offer health benefits for muscle aches, arthritis and stress.We supply year-round warranty work using our trained services technicians.

  • Our spas rate among the best in the industry
  • We are the local distributor for Caldera and Dimension One spas.

Paradise Pool Options


Begin your splashy warm-weather adventures with swimming pool accessories designed to add fun and excitement to your backyard water entertainment. We supply a complete inventory of accessories.

  • Get full enjoyment with diving boards, slides and waterfalls.
  • Use LED pool lighting to create just the right mood when entertaining or relaxing.
  • Add heaters for warmth or salt generators for chlorine-free swimming.