Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Keyword Fiberglass Swimming Pools, Sussex County, NJ.

Fiberglass Swimming Pools, Sussex County, NJ.

As the local Blue Hawaiian dealer in Sussex County, NJ, we supply excellent quality fiberglass swimming pools to local residents that choose this material over vinyl-lined and concrete pools.

What are Fiberglass Swimming Pools?

Fiberglass swimming pools come in one piece units that are rather easy to install if you have the right construction equipment of course! We simply excavate the area where the pool will be located. Then a crane lowers the pool right into place. Installation usually only takes 3 to 5 days.

Why choose fiberglass swimming pools?

The benefit of using Blue Hawaiian pools compared to other options include:

  • Composite fiberglass material is 17 times as strong as concrete.
  • Flexibility helps the pool to withstand unstable soil conditions or temperature changes.
  • Fiberglass offer a smooth finish that isn’t tough on skin.
  • Its construction also helps to stop algae growth.
  • No algae means that pools do not need as many pool chemicals to keep water clean.
  • Less chemicals translates to a reduction in overall maintenance costs.
  • Warranties include lifetime on pool structure and 20 years on surface.

Fiberglass swimming pools also differ from concrete pools in that they never need resurfacing. To pool owners, that means there is never any need to repaint or re-plaster the pool’s surface. They also do not need liner replacements like vinyl-lined pools.

Pool Designs

Homeowners may choose from a large variety of pool shapes including kidney, modular, rectangle or courtyard. The fiberglass swimming pools come several color choices to give a custom feel to your pool selection. The Gemstone color selection offers a stone look while the Diamond series adds deeper colors and sparkle finish. Extreme Quartz option gives such color choices as Starfire Blue, Mohave Tan and Obsidian Gray. Standard gel coating comes in light blue and traditional white. Some customers choose perimeter and inlayed tiles and mosaics to add further enhancement to their pool’s beauty. Additional options include cascading waterfalls, streams, aromatherapy and lighting. WE ARE PROUD TO BE AN AUTHORIZED DEALER OF Blue Hawiian Fiberglass Pools

 Fiberglass Swimming Pools, Sussex County, NJ.

Local Areas We Serve

We are located in Hamburg,NJ. Serving Sussex, PASSAIC, Morris and Warren Counties.