How to deal with cloudy and foamy water in your hot tub.
Both are types of water conditions that are very common to every hot tub owner. At some point, you have experienced it, but did you know how to fix the issue? Here are a couple tips on how to diagnose and solve water issues you may have such as cloudy and foamy water in your hot tub.

Cloudy Water:

Cloudy water can be caused by tiny particles suspended in the water that build up. The reasons why this happens could be a multitude of things.
1. Poor circulation:
– Dirty filters may be this issue. The filters should be chemically cleaned every 4 months (more often if heavy usage), and replaced every one to two years. Rinsing the filters with water should also be done as a routine maintenance on the tub.
2. Poor water chemistry
– Your hot tub water should be tested at least weekly. This allows for easy and proper water balancing. When the water is completely balanced, this will allow your sanitizer to work at its maximum. If your unsure what chemicals are needed to balance the water, you can always bring in a sample of water to be checked professionally.
3. Water need a shocking
– You can use either a chlorine based or non chlorine shock to help clear the particles. This should be done after the filter is cleaned and after the water is balanced for the oxidizer to work the best.
If these don’t work you can also use a water clarifier.
– A water clarifier can help sparkle up the water by allowing the small particles to stick together and get filtered out of the water easily. Again, this should be done after you clean or replace the spa filters
Worst case scenario, the water should be changed. Normal routine maintenance, the hot tub water should be changed every 4 months. However, sometimes it may be an easier route to drain the water and start fresh.

Foamy Water:

Foamy water is caused by the buildup of body oils, soap and other cosmetics such as deodorants, lotions and detergent.
1. Bathing suits
– An easy way to prevent foaming is to not run your bathing suits through the wash. This way, there is no excess soap on the suits, which is a main cause of the foam. Keep a certain bathing suit on the side specific for use of the hot tub and only hand wash without use of soaps.
2. Shower!
– Showering before using your hot tub washes off any excess cosmetics from your body. Do not reapply any lotions or makeup before entering the hot tubwater.
3. Treat it with Defoamer
– Once the soap is in the water, it stays in until you change the water. A defoamer can be added each time the hot tub is used. This chemical releases the surface tension in the water and allows the foam to disperse and release, allowing there to be no foam.
If you are ever unsure of how to deal with the water in your hot tub, you should always consult a pool professional for guidance.

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