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Begin your journey to a relaxing backyard retreat by adding a hot tub to your landscape.

Begin your journey to a relaxing backyard retreat by adding a hot tub to your landscape.
As the premiere hot tub dealers in Sussex County, NJ, Paradise Pool and Spa is proud to offer top of the line spas made by Caldera and Dimension One Spas.
Our New Jersey customers have a choice when it comes to hot tubs – but not just any spa will do. You want more than just good looks. It is essential that the spa you choose offers the right level of performance, comfort and style.

Benfits of owning your own hot tub

Releasing stress is one of the main goals homeowners have in mind when choosing a hot tub. Spas offer extensive health benefits such as pain relief and muscle relaxation. They even promote flexibility. Spa enthusiasts tout the emotional and mental benefits that regular hot tub usage offers to people of all ages. We have many floor models in the showroom available for immediate delivery.

Hot tub and spa Features

When you visit our showroom, you can actually see and feel the difference in spa tubs. Homeowners have a choice in spa sizes. The seating varies from solo tubs to party spas for up to 8 adults. A little hot tub lighting and spa sound music enhances the overall experience. Keeping the water hot is a must so these spas also come with full insulation. You’ll appreciate their energy efficiency, which meets the strict energy guidelines of California. Every hot tub from Paradise Pool and Spa comes includes a hard cover that also helps to maintain water temperature during the winter months.

Taking Care of your hot tub

Taking care of your hot tub only takes a few minutes each week. Plan on weekly water testing. Balance the chemicals as needed. Every 3 months, clean filters by soaking in degreaser and then rinsing with garden hose water. When heavily used, drain and refill spa every 3 months to keep water fresh and prevent chemical by-product buildup. Every 12 months, replace filters. Our service techs are available year round for any necessary warranty work.

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Diamond Downtown Above Ground Pool


Diamond Downtown Above Ground Pool


Diamond Downtown Above Ground Pool



Paradise Pool & Spa

Paradise Pool and Spa has been selling, installing and maintaining hot tubs throughout Northern NJ for almost 20 years. We are the premier hot tub dealers in Sussex County, NJ.and provide hot tubs and services in Sussex County, Bergen County, Warren and Passaic County.

Hot Tub Dealers in Sussex County, NJ.

Dimension One Spas


Dimension One Spas, made with precision engineering is evident in every detail of every hot tub sculpted, derived from a thirst for knowledge and a love for the latest technology. With nearly 40 years of pushing the envelope of what a hot tub should be, Dimension One has integrated intelligence, utilized the most durable materials and given you more features that give you exactly what you need.

There is so much to love about owning a Dimension One Spa.

Great customer service. Ashley is so helpful over the phone. She knows my tub and always has positive suggestions. Mike is the man! Great installation and is ready to Help with any questions ! I highly recommend Paradise pool and spa.

Patrice McKenna Herbaugh

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