Seats: 7 Dimensions: 108″ x 92″ x 40″ Jets: 60  
Transform your backyard into an inspiring oasis with the legendary Amore Bay®. This hot tub’s soft curves and cutting edge features create an unmatched experience. With seven luxurious seats including “his and her” seats, two patented Flex Therapy Pillow™, and soothing lights and fountains, the Amore is more than just a hot tub, it’s a personal retreat.

Estimated Monthly Energy Cost: $15.93



Seating Capacity: 7
Dimensions: 108″ x 92″ x 40″
Number of Jets: 60
Typhoon Jet: 1
Bluetooth Stereo System: Optional
D1 SmartHUB™: Standard
D1 SmartTub™: Optional
UltraLounge™: 2
UltraLife™: Standard
UltraPURE™ Plus: Standard
Flex Therapy Pillow™: 2
Dynamic Massage Sequencer™: 1
Spa Design: Curvilinear Shape
Tactile Therapy: Standard
Liquid FX™: Standard
Echo™ Jet Switch: Standard
100% Foam Insulation: Standard
Terracina Skirting: Standard
Weight Dry: 1011 lbs (459 kg)
Weight Wet: 4467 lbs (2026 kg)
Water Capacity: 415 Gallons (1571 Liters)
Electrical North America/Asia: 60 HZ: 240V, 50/40A
Electrical Europe: 50 HZ : 240V, 2×16/1×32/3x16A
Pumps North America/Asia: 60 HZ : 1 x 4.0/(2.5) HP 2-Speed Pump. 2 x 3.6 (2.5) HP 1-Speed Pump, 1 x Circulation Pump, 1 x Fountain Pump Pumps Europe: 50 HZ : 1 x 3.6/(2.0) HP 2-Speed Pumps, 2 x 3.6/(2.0) HP 1-Speed Pumps 1 x Circulation Pump, 1 x Fountain Pump