How do you know when to replace your pool liner?

With the proper care and good water chemistry, the average life span of a pool liner is 10-12 years. Between everyday wear, and the harsh sun and weather conditions, eventually you will have to replace your liner. Liners can become brittle from the continuous exposure to the sun especially upper corners that are in direct sun throughout the day. In Jersey, there is harsh freezing conditions making it easy for the liner to rip from the sharp edges of your frozen pool. From Knowing when you should change your liner, can save your from additional work that would have to be done.  How do you know when to replace your pool liner?

Replace? Or Repair?

It is also important to know when you should repair your liner as opposed to replacing it. The older more brittle liners can develop tears naturally. Punctured holes can also be patched as well. The smaller the tear, the easier it is to patch. Once the tear is four inches or bigger, it is difficult to patch and from there the liner normally needs to be replaced. The patch kits can be purchased in the store and you have the choice of a self adhesive patch and a vinyl glue patch. We recommend the kits that use glue, as they are more durable for repairing. Whichever you choose, always remember to cut the patch bigger than the actual tear and in a shape of a circle or an oval with no sharp edges where the patch could lift off. If the patch does end up eventually leaking again, and you want to re-patch; do not remove the existing patch. Instead, cut a patch large than the existing one and glue it on over. If it continues to leak, than the liner would need to be replaced.


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