We all know the winters in Northern New Jersey are rough. To prepare, we dig out our shovels, salt for the ice that’ll soon coat our sidewalks, fill our oil or propane tanks.. The list goes on and on for the things we do to prepare. Thanksgiving and Christmas are also around the corner allowing our minds to be thinking of presents our loved ones would need. You need to learn how to prepare your hot tub for the winter.

The last thing on your mind is talking care of your hot tub.

Knowing how to prepare your hot tub for the winter is extremely important, if not done properly, issues will surface and ice damage can happen when the temperature plummets.

First decide whether or not you plan on closing your hot tub for the winter. If possible, it is recommended that you keep it open and running all season.

If you must close it for the season, have a professional properly winterize the tub for you. The hot tub must be completely drained, and pipes well blown out free of water. Antifreeze is also added in jets and other spots in your tub. Make sure your cover is properly sealed as well. Put a tarp over your spa cover, ensuring that no water seeps through into the hot tub.

If you plan on keeping your hot tub open through the winter, preparations should begin about now. It is recommended that you change your water every 4 months. Changing your water around Thanksgiving allows you to avoid the issues and the impossibility of attempting to do so when the Temperatures drop below zero.

Bringing in a water sample to have the water checked and properly balanced also allows you to avoid any issues. You can bring in the sample straight from your garden hose, no need to wait until the tub is full.

Clean or change your filters.

As you change the water, you should also check your filters.

If needed, purchase new filters to be put in the hot tub or chemically clean the existing ones. It is important to use a filter cleaner as opposed to simply rinsing the filters. The chemicals in the cleaner takes out the organics and oils embedded on the filter that water does not. It is not recommended to put your filters in the dishwasher.

Cleaning the shell of your hot tub.

From normal use, residue or scaling may appear on your water line or throughout the hot tub itself. Using a gel like surface cleaner made for your spas, and a non-abrasive scrubber, clean out your shell and prepare it for your fill. Don’t use any household cleaners as they can be harmful to the shell, and mess up your water chemistry.

Check and address leaks or issues now! Doing so while the weather is warm allows you to avoid any issues the freezing weather could cause if your spa happened to break down.


As the winter progresses, remember to keep all of the snow and ice off of the cover. The weight of the precipitation shorten the lifespan of your cover.

Also, make it a habit to check your hot tub each day to ensure it is running and heating properly.

Following these steps, will help assure that you and your hot tub will have a relaxing, worry free winter!

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