Thinking about installing a salt generator into your pool this season? There are some factors you may be considering when choosing:

How it works:

A salt generator is plumbed in after all of your equipment on your pool. Once the generator is installed, the initial amount of salt is added into your pool. The generator takes the NaCl which makes up salt, spilt the compound and uses the ‘Cl’ as the chlorine to sanitize the pool. Once everything is set up, there will be a constant dispersion of a sanitizer into your pool

The Advantages of Salt pools for In ground and Above Ground Pools:

Salt is softer on … everything!

-Your eyes will no longer be itching skin or burning eyes from the high amounts of chlorine in the water.

-Salt water does not bleach your hair, swimsuits or any other type of clothing.

-Your Vinyl Liner! Without constantly adding harsh amounts of chlorine or shock this helps the longevity of your liner.

Less Chemicals

-With a Salt pool, there is no need to add Chlorine Tablets. As long there is a sustained salt reading of 2700-3400ppm, the pool water will remained sanitized.

Less Expensive

-Because there is no bulky chemical buckets of shock or chlorine, which can cost you almost $100 a piece, having a salt pool will continue you save you money years down the road.

Saves you time

-The Salt generator works on its own producing chlorine and doing the sanitization for you. Besides checking the levels of Ph, Alkalinity, and Calcium with test strips or with your pool professional sporadically, your pool chemical levels should remained balanced.


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