Spa Care

Spa Care Basics

  1. Test water at least once a week and balance as necessary.Always add chemicals to water, never water to chemicals
  2. Filters should be chemically cleaned at least every 3 months. Soak filter in a degreaser and rinse with a garden hose.
  3. Replace filters every 12 months If spa is used infrequently, you can wait longer before replacing the filter.
  4. Drain and refill your spa at least every 3 months; more often with heavy usage.


There are several kinds of sanitizing systems commonly used in for routine spa maintenance. The most common are: Biguanides (non-chlorine), Bromine (the leading type of spa sanitizer, and chlorine (usually used in swimming pools, but sometimes used in spas). Mineral systems (minerals are used for cleaning and sanitizing water) are becoming increasingly popular as well. Let us help you decide which cleaning system works best for you.


This depends on the size of the spa and the number of spa bathers. Give us a call to determine the frequency that is right for you and the normal amount of usage in your spa.


Refill the spa with fresh water, Shock, circulate for 4 hours then retest and rebalance all chemicals.


Cloudy/Hazy Water

This can be caused by a number of problems. Here are some possibilities:

  • Total Alkalinity is too high
  • pH is either too high or too low
  • Not enough sanitizer in the water
  • Total Dissolved Solids are too high
  • Calcium level is too high
  • Pump is sucking air
  • Filter is dirty
  • Fine particles won’t filter out
  • Filter cycle is too short


  • If Total Alkalinity is too high, add alkalinity decreaser according to the directions on your product bottle.
  • If pH is not in balance, add the appropriate pH adjuster (either increaser or decreaser) according to directions on your product bottle.
  • If there is not enough sanitizer in your water, first test and adjust the pH. Then add sanitizer according to directions on your product bottle.
  • If total dissolved solids are too high, drain and refill your spa.
  • If your calcium level is too high, drain off an inch of water and add fresh water. Test the water and adjust calcium appropriately.
  • If your pump is sucking air, check the skimmer basket and clean if necessary. Make sure all intakes are open.
  • If filter is dirty, hose it off and check for tears, fiber breakdown, clogging or collapse. Replace if necessary.


Don’t confuse foaming with bubbles made by a bubble generator. Tiny ozone bubbles do not cause foaming. Some possible reasons for foaming are:

  • Household cleaners used in the spa (**DO NOT EVER USE HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS IN YOUR SPA**)
  • Cosmetics, soaps, suntan lotions or body oils Some tile and vinyl cleaners can also cause foaming
  • High pH
  • Air leak in the plumbing
  • Too little sanitizer
  • Calcium in the water


  • Generally, you should test and balance your water or squirt defoamer over the water surface. It may be less effort to drain and refill the spa.
  • Advise spa users to rinse soap off thoroughly in the shower before using the spa. Double rinse bathing suits before going in the spa. Do not use detergents to launder bathing suits. Rinse them in the sink with plain water.
  • If you suspect there is an air leak in the plumbing, call us to locate and repair the leak.


Generally, when water changes color, it is due to the presence of minerals and/or metals. If your bromine level is too high, it can also cause discolored water.


If bromine level is too high, leave the cover off to allow bromine to dissipate more quickly.


Generally, staining is caused by minerals and/or metals. Some plastics are more porous than others. The more porous, the more prone to staining they are. Remove the metals from your water as soon as possible to avoid staining the shell of your spa.

It is possible, although rare, that there is algae in your spa. This could also cause staining.


If you suspect metals and/or minerals, add a chelating agent

Offensive odors and tastes

This could be caused by mildew, excess levels of sanitizer, poor sanitation or high total dissolved solids.


If bromine level is too high, leave the cover off to allow bromine to dissipate more quickly.

Weak Flow from Jets

This may be caused by:

  • Water level is too low
  • Skimmer or intakes are clogged
  • Filter is clogged or collapsed


Ensure that the water level is above the skimmer opening. Look for objects that may be blocking the skimmer or intakes. Hose off and chemically clean the filter, if necessary. Replace filter if necessary.

No Water Flow/Pump is On

Possible causes:

  • Something blocking the intakes
  • Pump sucking air from air leaks in lines or low water level.
  • Pump plugs are not airtight.
  • Broken pump impeller


Look for objects that may be blocking the intakes. Ensure that water is above the skimmer level. Call us for a service and repair visit if necessary.

Pump Does Not Turn On

Possible causes:
  • Circuit board malfunction, short circuit, etc.
  • Seized pump/motor shaft ball bearing
  • Electricity is off


Verify that electricity is on. Reset the timer and retry the switch on pad. Verify that circuit has not tripped. Reset if necessary.

If the pump does not turn on or you suspect other problems, give us a call and set up a service visit.

Heater Not Working/Slow to Heat

This may be caused by a dirty filter that is slow to flow to the heater or scale buildup on the heater coils. If the heater does not work at all, it may be due to a corroded or broken wire or a circuit board malfunction.


Clean or replace your filter. Ensure that the circuit has not tripped. Reset if necessary. If this does not help, call us to set up a service visit.

Spa Losing Water

There may be a leak in the shell or in the pipes. Give us a call to set up a service visit.

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