The Importance of Balancing Your Water for Your Pool Closing

It is that time of year again to start preparing for your pool closing. Always keep in mind, the best idea is to close late and open early.  You also need to consider The Importance of Balancing Your Water for Your Pool Closing.

Before closing, you should bring in a water sample to have it tested so you can put in the proper amount of balancing chemicals. You should focus on your chlorine, PH, alkalinity and calcium levels.

First, your chlorine level should be between 1-3 ppm.  Add chlorine if needed, or let the level fall on its own before closing if it is too high.

The PH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6.  If the PH is too low, the acidic water can be corrosive.  If the PH is too high, the basic water will have tendency to grow more algae.

The alkalinity should also be around 120-150ppm. When your alkalinity is in range, the chlorine will work at its optimum, allowing the water to stay clear for you for the spring.

The calcium should also be tested and balanced between 150-400ppm.  If your calcium is too high, scaling can occur over the winter, causing issues in the spring.

When the water is well-balanced during your closing, there will be less chance of growing algae, less chancing of staining, and the pool to open nicely in the spring.

The proper winter chemicals should be added at closing.  Winter kits are sold by the amount of gallons per pool. Never leave chlorine in a floater when closing.  Remove any chlorine before covering the pool, as it can be very harmful for your liner, when your filter isn’t running.

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