Why Paradise is the right hot tub dealer for you:

Buying a new hot tub is an investment in your life. An investment to your health and to your wellbeing. But when you are looking to invest, you are not just looking to buy a hot tub, you buying the dealer who is going to stand behind your product.

Here at Paradise we have been in business for 21 years. An impressive record, in which we stand behind all of the products and services that we provide.

From your first step into the door, and through your entire hot tub experience, we will be here to help you to make sure you are getting the personalized service and help that is needed. We don’t just try to sell you a new hot tub. We are trying to sell you a new personalized hot tub for your exact needs. A hot tub that will reduce your stress, relax your body, and bring your family closer together. We want you to buy the experience of a hot tub, not just the product.

When you’re buying a hot tub at Paradise you also buying the services that come with it. The complete warranty work that is done in house, by our knowledgeable technicians. Even after the warranty is finished, it will still be the same technician helping you through that point of repair. Because we are specialized in Caldera and Dimension One hot tubs, we know them inside and out. Filters, Chemicals, Pillows, we stock them all. Better yet, our store is open year round. With a staff that will help you no matter what your question may be. Have a question but its late at night after we close?- Email! We strive in quick and prompt responses. We never want you to have a worry. If you have a question were here. It’s as simple as that.
When you buy a hot tub from Paradise your also supporting yourself! Your community. We are a family owned business who live right in town. We give back by donating to local schools, programs and fundraisers in the community.

So there’s no better time to invest! Invest in you. In your wellness, your family and your community.

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